The Story of Life In A Dollhouse


Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ella, and I am the face behind Life In A Dollhouse. I started my miniature journey back in 2017 when I was 11 years old by making dollhouse room boxes. I begun with just supplies I had around my house like cardboard and toothpicks, building a kitchen and accessories. After getting my feet wet with my homemade room boxes, I really wanted to build a dollhouse. I sketched a few ideas and the next thing I knew, I was building a custom dollhouse with my grandpa! My mom used to design and build dollhouses with him, so he's kind of a pro by now. We are still working on projects together today! I design everything, and we build the dollhouse structures in his shop together. My grandma also taught me how to become an expert miniature wallpaper installer. My parents are custom home builders, so the apple doesn't fall far from the tree there. My mom also helps with the business side of things for me. Some of my projects have been big enough that I've enlisted my whole team (family) to help! We've done quite a few projects together at this point and are always looking for the next exciting miniature adventure to take on! I love the freedom to design that dollhouses have given me, and am excited to inspire others as well! 

Since building my very first dollhouse, I've always had a vision of opening a shop and bringing a quality, designer-inspired 1:12 scale miniature collection to life. That's how my Life In A Dollhouse Shop was born. I'm excited to be offering some of my favorite sourced products and custom creations for sale so that you can build the dollhouse of your dreams! I am incredibly inspired by the miniature world and I hope you enjoy my story, projects and collection!




(The first dollhouse I built with my Grandpa in 2017)


(The shop when it was just a miniature dream of mine, before I started my actual shop)


(Even my dog loves minis!)


(My first BIG collaboration with Caitlin Wilson for House Beautiful, New York City 2020)