Greenhouse Project- My Must Haves

Greenhouse Project- My Must Haves

My most recent dollhouse project has been a greenhouse scene.  The greenhouse combines two of my favorite things- dollhouses and plants!  I'm an avid "plant mom" and have dozens of my own plants packed into my room and office.  I find inspiration in my green planty friends daily, so I thought there would be nothing better than to set off on building a mini greenhouse.  

To make this blog post super fun (for me at least), I wanted to tell you about some of the items I used to create my greenhouse, and also to share some of my favorite things for my real life plants!


Things I love for my Dollhouse Greenhouse

1. Mini Bricks for the Floor

When deciding on what I wanted the interior of the greenhouse to look like, I found inspiration on Pinterest, and one of my favorite images I came across had a brick floor in a basket weave pattern.  This, I knew I had to translate over to mini so I went on a search for the perfect bricks.   They are a brown color and mixed in, are lighter and darker shades which does a great job at adding variety to the floor.  The material is plaster, so I ended up grouting it with some Plaster of Paris that I mixed up with water.  Just follow the directions on the package for the right consistency.  I've found that the runnier the plaster is, the better. 



2. Mini Artificial Turf

I've been on a journey to find the best grass for dollhouses.  I have tried a few different options, but none of them have ever met my expectations.  The grass would peel up on the edges, or simply not look very realistic.  When planning for this project, I knew I needed to find the perfect grass, since I was planning for an outdoor garden area.  I searched around and finally found what I think is the perfect grass for dollhouses.  To install the grass, I first cut it to the size of my space, then used Dollhouse Wallpaper Mucilage to glue it to my base.  I'm still to happy that I found this grass, and I wish I had found it earlier!

Small Disclaimer: The grass does shed quite a bit when you handle it, but I still think that it's better than any other options that I have tried. 


3. Red Brick Sheet

I decided to break up all the green I was using for this project, and used some red brick on the bottom of the exterior.  This red brick sheet looks great, and is super easy to install.  I have used this product before on my blue shop project for the outdoor sidewalk.  To grout both of these pieces, I used some grey grout that you can use for regular tile. 



4. Slate Stepping Stones

I wanted to break up the grass in the outdoor garden section of the greenhouse, so I thought some stepping stones would be perfect!  I looked around for dollhouse specific stepping stones, but they all looked a little too perfect for what I wanted.  I found a pack of miniature slate stepping stones in 1/2 to 1 inch sized pieces and it worked perfectly! 




Things I love for my Real Plants

  1. LED Plant Grow Light Strips

I adore watching my plants grow, and they aren't very fast growers when they don't have much light.  I have a cabinet with shelves that holds many of my plants, and I installed these LED Plant Grow Light Strips above each shelf, and now my plants are growing like weeds!  They have a feature where you can program your lights to turn on at a specific time each day for either 2, 4, or 8 hours.  These light strips are so easy to install, use, and are so rewarding!

  1. Organic Fertilizer

When I can, I try to feed my plants all natural food.  My favorite is the Grow Fertilizer from Modern Sprout.  I find with any fertilizer you use, less is more.  Every other week, I give each of my plants a few drops of fertilizer mixed with water.  



3. Plant Merch!

Since I love plants, naturally I also love merch that shops make dedicated to plants, and beautiful pots to put said plants in.  Here are some of my favorites!

Mica Peet 


Plant Scouts 


Julie Richard Ceramist


Thank you for reading!  If you have any questions, DM me on instagram or send me an email to .  

If you're as interested in real life plants as I am, follow my plant dedicated instagram account @lifeasaplantmom!



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