Must-Have Tools for Getting Started in Dollhouse Miniatures

Must-Have Tools for Getting Started in Dollhouse Miniatures

I get so many questions about the tools and supplies that I use to make my minis, so I thought I'd write a post about it.  I have acquired many things over the past few years, but here are a few that I always go back to and I think would be great to have if you are just starting out!

1. Tweezers

Because you're dealing with some pretty tiny things, even small fingers aren't small enough.  Having a really great tweezer is number one on my list.  I use a Fine Tip Tweezers and this Curved Tip Tweezers all the time.


2. Sharp scissors

I think this is pretty self explanatory, but because you want to be precise in cutting your materials, having a sturdy, sharp scissor is really helpful.  I have a few different types that I think are helpful for different applications.  A Sewing Scissors is great for working with fabrics and a Small Detail Scissor is nice for the tiny detail work.


3.  Work Mat

Creating minis can get messy.  I love just being able to focus on what I'm working on and not have to worry about getting my table dirty or having some glue ruin the countertop.  This silicone work mat has been a lifesaver!  I have the pink one!

4.  Glue 

Miniatures require lots of glue.  I mainly use three different types: Gorilla Wood Glue, E6000 Craft Adhesive and a mini hot glue gun.  


5.  X-Acto Knife

Of course you need an X-Acto Knife!  There are so many tiny projects where a scissor just won't cut it.  

6.  Clamps

Clamps are good, because you only have two hands.  I use a variety of clamps in a few different sizes depending on what I'm working on.  The  Irwin Mini Clamps are good for the kitchens and larger mini accessories I make and the  Small Spring Clamps are better for smaller applications.


7.  Paint Brushes

Painting miniatures require a variety of brush sizes to get the job done.  Depending on the project, you may need a larger brush from a set like this Acrylic Paint Brush Variety Pack or a really tiny brush like these Detail Paint Brushes . 


I hope this helps get you started on your mini adventure!  




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Ella Doyle


Ella Doyle

What is the material used to make something like a miniature stove or table? What type materials are used for transparency objects like a bottle or drinking cup or glass?
What is the type paint you used? Do you use a primer first before painting? What type materials are used for aluminum objects like a grille ?

Ella Doyle

Very helpful thank you

Ella Doyle

Very helpful thank you I’m just starting on my dollhouse journey smile Becky

Ella Doyle

This is like, super cool 😁! How do you come up with it? I’ve been brainstorming what to put in my dollhouse, but I only have twenty dollars! Luckily, stuff on your site is decently cheap!

Ella Doyle

You are amazing! Such beautiful miniature creations.

Ella Doyle

I am a senior lady and have a beautiful old doll house given to me when I was 12 y.o.
I don’t know what your scale size means. Is it under 2 inches. I would like to order some things but I’m concerned about size.
Thank you.

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